• Can I buy Gift Certificates?

    Yes, you can. The certificates are not tied to missions. You can buy a gift certificate for any number of players. If you would like to bring additional players, you can pay for each extra player with cash on-site. Here is the Link

  • Can I bring more or less players than the amount I have booked?

    You can bring as many players as you like as long as it does not exceed the player limit for each mission. You will only pay for the actual number of players even if its less than the number of people you have booked for.

  • Will I play the game just with my friends or with other strangers?

    You play only with your team/friends. We do not mix any groups. If you have so booked a room, that room is exclusively for you.

  • What should I bring?

    All you need is a playful mood. If you would like to pay on the spot, then please bring cash. We do not accept debit or credit cards on site.

  • What is the optimal team size?

    We recommend a team of 4-6 players for maximum fun. But don’t worry, you will have a great experience regardless of group size.

  • Can I play with my baby and dog in the missions also?

    In principle, this is not a problem. However, the Madhouse is Rated 16 and so we would advise caution with bringing young children into this game. Dogs are allowed if they can be transported in a carrying basket or cage.

  • Is it advisable to play a mission if you have a phobia?

    If you have any concerns on this matter, it is best to contact us. In general, this depends on the phobia. The missions “Madhouse” & “Secret Prison” are classic Escape games, the doors are closed and the teams are locked inside. For “Biggs – The Legacy” and “Lost Cargo” the doors are left unlocked because the goal is to complete a mission inside the room.

  • Are there different difficulty levels for each mission?

    The 4 missions are equally difficult. We do suggest that the “Mad House” is for advanced players, but that does not mean that the other missions are easier. The best first time game experience is our Express Game “Lost Cargo” we recommend a minimum group size of 2 players in each mission.

  • Is EXITnow® suitable as a team event for schools, companies or stag/hen parties. Can larger groups participate?

    We welcome both corporate events and other types of friendly gatherings. We can accommodate up to 30 people per hour. We also have separate conference and meeting areas with the option of catering as well. For enquiries pleas email:

  • Is there a special offer for student groups?

    For student groups with at least 20 players we offer an education rate. On request two teachers can join their students playing free of charge. The offer applies to opening times from Monday to Thursday until 6PM in each case. If you are interested please contact us here:

  • In which language is the game available?

    Our game is currently available in both German and English. Other languages will follow.

  • Is the game for all ages?

    From our experience, our missions are enjoyable for players between the ages of 10 to 90. A confirmation letter for parents can be downloaded HERE.

  • Looking for an extraordinary job?

    We are looking to strengthen our team: You like our concept, speak fluent German and English, enjoy working as part of a team and being in contact with customers?  Then apply now! Send a short application, including your resume, your availability and a few lines about why you would like to work for us to:

  • Still have questions?

    You can reach us by phone or by mail: +49 (0)2331-48 80 63 0 //

More Questions?

Get in touch via phone or email:

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